Retired Figurines

Below are some photos of Finnian models which are no longer in production and not available for sale. Unfortunately we do not have a full catalog of all Finnian pieces made over the years. If you do have a model, please email in a photo to assist us with the archive.

44523 Mulch

44556 Strike It Lucky

44557 Butch Harmony

44690 Sausages, The Wobbling Chef

44704 Collector's Piece 2003

44570 Artful Dodgers

44748 Bookends Bottom's Up Ornament

44820 Olde Timer - Happy Birthday

44751 Golfing Days

10060 Irish Rogue Figure (Pint On Toe)

44723 Best Mates Ornament

44722 B Long Life To You Ornament

25106 Leprechuan X-Mas Ornament

44735 Luck Before You Leap

44739 8 Inch Asstd. Valentine Finbaa

44815 Olde Timer – Miles O'Swing

44799 Finnian On Golf Ball Ornament

44679 Finnan Waterball

44697 Generous Gerry Gifts Galore

44764 Putt The Dough Ornament

44745 Perfect Pint Ornament

44813 Olde Timer - Irsih Eyes Are Smiling

44673 Ex-Pat's Tea Party

44755 "Cead Mile Failte" An Irish Welcome Ornament

44762 Old Charmer Ornament

44767 Fisherman Aran Sweater Ornament

44747 Luck Of The Irish Ornament

44788 Waterworks Ornament

44795 What's The Rush - Large