The Story of Finnians Collectibles

Luck of the Irish

The idea for this very unique figurine was thought up by Dublin man Declan Fearon during a visit to Blarney Castle in 1986. Given the international recognition of the well-known tourist site, Declan decided that there was a market opening for souvenirs made of Blarney Stone. It took him three years to locate the quarry from which the castle had been built — in a nearby field at Killard — and he bought the rights for the stone.

The company originally manufactured gift items made of stone and in 1995 the company began producing clay figurines called Finnians designed by renowned Irish cartoonist Terry Willers. There are now several hundred models and most are accompanied with an original piece of Blarney Stone attached.

Finnians are sold online and through distributors in the Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe, the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina and other countries. There is an active collector's and reseller's market on eBay with it's own dedicated category.

In 2009 Blarney Stone Enterprises was bought by Allied Imports, a leading Irish souvenir and gift wholesaler which employs a staff of approx 60 people here in Dublin.

We have a core range of Finnian models produced every year and occasionally launch a new model available for a limited time period.

On November 10th 2011, Terry Willers sadly died at the age of 76 at his home at Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Today, Finnians are enjoyed in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the world.